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HPE Nimble Storage

HPE Nimble Storage
Nimble Storage Arrays - Elevating the Experience
Forget all that time wasted managing storage and fighting fires. It’s time to elevate your storage experience with an agile, always-on, always-fast platform that powers everything from VMs to containers to test/dev—while effortlessly extending across hybrid cloud. It’s time to experience HPE Nimble Storage.
HPE Nimble Storage
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ES2-H84T | HPE Nimble Storage ES2 Hybrid Expansion Shelf 84TB HDD + 2.4TB SSD
HF20-4G-42T-L | HPE Nimble Storage HF20 Array 21x 2TB HDD, 6x 960GB SSD, 4x 1GBASE-T
ES2-H126T | HPE Nimble Storage ES2 Hybrid Expansion Shelf 126TB HDD + 3.84TB SSD
C7K-4F-126T-G | HPE Nimble Storage CS7000 21x 6TB HDD, 3x 3.84TB SSD, 4x 16Gb Fiber Channel
C5K-4F-126T-F | HPE Nimble Storage CS5000 21x 6TB HDD, 3x 1.92TB SSD, 4x 16Gb Fiber Channel
C1K-2F-42T-E | HPE Nimble Storage CS1000 21x 2TB HDD, 3x 960GB SSD, 2x 16GB Fiber Channel
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