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DS4486 SATA/MSATA Expansion Shelves

DS4486 SATA/MSATA Expansion Shelves
NetApp DS4486 disk shelves and storage media provide flexibility, reliability, and cross-platform leverage; the enterprise-class resiliency and availability you expect; plus the leading storage efficiencies. NetApp DS4486 offers a range of storage media from high-capacity to high-performing disk drives plus self-encrypting drives and extreme performance options using solid state technology. The NetApp virtual storage tier promotes "hot" data to flash media in real time and leaves the original copy on disk. This approach improves performance while reducing cost by using fewer, larger disk drives. 
DS4486 SATA/MSATA Expansion Shelves
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NetApp DS4486 Expansion Shelf (DS4486-288TB-QS-R6) 48x 6TB 7.2K MSATA HDD X481A-R6
NetApp DS4486 Expansion Shelf (DS4486-192TB-QS-R6) 48x 4TB 7.2K MSATA HDD X480A-R6
NetApp DS4486 Expansion Shelf (DS4486-144TB-QS-R5) 48x 3TB 7.2K MSATA HDD X478A-R5