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Dell Storage/RAID Controllers

Dell Storage/RAID Controllers
Refurbished Dell Storage/RAID controllers, both Single and Dual Controllers. Express Computer Systems is your leading IT provider of used / refurbished Dell Hardware. If you need help choosing the correct refurbished Dell RAID Controller from express computer systems, Contact us today or leave us a message. 
Dell Storage/RAID Controllers
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Dell PERC 11 HBA355e x8 PCI-e Low Profile Non-RAID Controller | 6CDMK
Dell PERC 11 HBA350i x8 PCI-e 12Gb SAS Low Profile RAID Controller
Dell PERC 11 HBA355i SAS 12Gb x8 PCI-E Full Height Non-RAID Controller
Dell PERC 11 H755 x8 PCI-e RAID Controller Full Height | 29XMF
Dell 12Gb SAS HBA (Non-RAID) x8 PCIe Full Height External Controller | 6PDH5
Dell 12Gb SAS HBA External Controller, x8 PCI-e Low Profile | 1HD39
Dell 12Gb SAS HBA (Non-RAID) x8 PCIe Low Profile External Controller | T93GD
Dell PERC 9 H330 12Gb SAS 2GB x8 PCI-e Full Height RAID Controller | 75D1H
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