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Dell Processors

Dell Processors
Find the correct CPU for your Refurbished Dell system. Read up on the clock speed, cores, and data speed. If you need any help with the right refurbished Dell processor, contact us today at
Dell Processors
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Dell Intel Xeon Gold 6142 (2.6GHz/16-core/150W) Processor
Dell Intel Xeon Gold 6142M (2.6GHz/16-core/150W) Processor
SRGZP - Dell Intel Xeon-Gold 5220R (2.2GHz/24-core/150W) Processor
SRKXH | Intel Xeon Silver 4316, 2.3GHz, 20 Core, 30MB, 150W DDR4-2666 CPU
SRKXM | Intel Xeon Gold 5317, 3.0GHz, 12 Core, 18MB, 150W DDR4-2933 CPU
SRKXG | Intel Xeon Gold 5318N, 2.1GHz, 24 Core, 36MB, 150W DDR4-2666 CPU
Intel Xeon Gold 5320T, 2.3GHz, 20 Core, 30MB, 150W DDR4-2933 CPU | SRKXJ
Dell Intel Xeon Gold 6144 (3.5GHz/8-core/150W) Processor
Dell Intel Xeon Platinum 8158 (3.0GHz/12-core/150W) Processor | SR3B7
Dell Intel Xeon Platinum 8164 (2.0GHz/26-core/150W) Processor | SR3BB
Dell Intel Xeon Platinum 8160M (2.1GHz/24-core/150W) Processor | SR3B8
Dell Intel Xeon Gold 6252 2.1GHz 24-Core (150W) DDR4-2933 | F7XDN
Dell Intel Xeon Gold 6248 2.5GHz 20-Core (150W) DDR4-2933 | FF85G
DYVK1 | Refurbished Dell Intel Xeon Gold 6244 3.6GHz 8-Core (150W) DDR4-2933
Dell Intel Xeon Gold 6242 2.8GHz 16-Core (150W) DDR4-2933 | 489Y5
Dell Intel Xeon Gold 6240 2.6GHz 18-Core (150W) DDR4-2933 | PW79G
Dell Intel Xeon Gold 6148 2.4GHz 20-Core (150W) DDR4-2666 | 303GM