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Dell Processors

Dell Processors
Find the correct CPU for your Refurbished Dell system. Read up on the clock speed, cores, and data speed. If you need any help with the right refurbished Dell processor, contact us today at
Dell Processors
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SRFPT - Dell Intel Xeon-Gold 5220S (2.7GHz/18-core/125W) Processor
SRKH7 | Intel Xeon Gold 6354, 3.0GHz, 18 Core, 39MB, 205W DDR4-3200 CPU
Dell Intel Xeon Gen 1 Gold 6150 (2.7GHz/18-core/165W) Processor
Dell Intel Xeon Gold 6154 (3.0GHz/18-core/200W) Processor | G7PY1
Dell Intel Xeon Gold 6140 (2.3GHz/18-core/140W) Processor
Dell Intel Xeon Gold 6140M (2.3GHz/18-core/140W) Processor