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Dell Processors

Dell Processors
Find the correct CPU for your Refurbished Dell system. Read up on the clock speed, cores, and data speed. If you need any help with the right refurbished Dell processor, contact us today at
Dell Processors
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Intel Xeon Gold 5318S, 2.1GHz, 24 Core, 36MB, 165W DDR4-2933 CPU
SRKHL | Intel Xeon Gold 6314U, 2.3GHz, 32 Core, 48MB, 205W DDR4-3200 CPU
SRKHG  | Intel Xeon Platinum 8352Y, 2.2GHz, 32 Core, 48MB, 205W DDR4-3200 CPU
SRKXN | Intel Xeon Silver 4310, 2.1GHz, 12 Core, 18MB, 120W DDR4-2666 CPU
SRKXC | Intel Xeon Gold 6312U, 2.4GHz, 24 Core, 36MB, 185W DDR4-3200 CPU
Intel Xeon Silver 4310T, 2.3GHz, 10 Core, 15MB, 105W DDR4-2666 CPU | SRKXP
SRKXS | Intel Xeon Silver 4309Y, 2.8GHz, 8 Core, 12MB, 105W DDR4-2666 CPU
SRKXL | Intel Xeon Silver 4314, 2.4GHz, 16 Core, 24MB, 135W DDR4-2666 CPU
SRKH8  | Intel Xeon Platinum 8368, 2.4GHz, 38 Core, 57MB, 270W DDR4-3200 CPU
SRKJ3  | Intel Xeon Platinum 8351N, 2.4GHz, 36 Core, 54MB, 225W DDR4-3200 CPU
SRKXH | Intel Xeon Silver 4316, 2.3GHz, 20 Core, 30MB, 150W DDR4-2666 CPU
SRKY2 | Intel Xeon Gold 6338N, 2.2GHz, 32 Core, 48MB, 185W DDR4-2666 CPU
SRKHN | Intel Xeon Gold 6346, 3.1GHz, 16 Core, 36MB, 205W DDR4-3200 CPU
SRKXA | Intel Xeon Gold 6342, 2.8GHz, 24 Core, 36MB, 230W DDR4-3200 CPU
SRKHP | Intel Xeon Gold 6348, 2.6GHz, 28 Core, 42MB, 235W DDR4-3200 CPU
SRKXM | Intel Xeon Gold 5317, 3.0GHz, 12 Core, 18MB, 150W DDR4-2933 CPU
SRKH7 | Intel Xeon Gold 6354, 3.0GHz, 18 Core, 39MB, 205W DDR4-3200 CPU
SRKXR | Intel Xeon Gold 5315Y, 3.2GHz, 8 Core, 12MB, 140W DDR4-2933 CPU
Intel Xeon Gold 5318S, 2.1GHz, 24 Core, 36MB, 165W DDR4-2933 CPU | SRKXD
SRKWU | Intel Xeon Gold 5320, 2.2GHz, 26 Core, 39MB, 185W DDR4-2933 CPU
SRKXG | Intel Xeon Gold 5318N, 2.1GHz, 24 Core, 36MB, 150W DDR4-2666 CPU
SRKXE | Intel Xeon Gold 5318Y, 2.1GHz, 24 Core, 36MB, 165W DDR4-2933 CPU
SRKHM | Intel Xeon Gold 6330, 2.0GHz, 28 Core, 42MB, 205W DDR4-2933 CPU
SRKJ8  | Intel Xeon Platinum 8336C, 2.3GHz, 32 Core, 48MB, DDR4-3200 CPU
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