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Cisco Drives

Cisco Drives
Cisco Drives. Hot swap hard drives allow users to remove or replace a hard drive without disruption or powering off the device. If a drive in a storage array fails, the system uses a redundant drive. Hot swappable drives are identified with a purple tab.
Cisco Drives
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UCS-SD800G12S4-EP | 800GB 2.5" Enterprise Performance 12G SAS SSD (10X DWPD) (Samsung 1635))
UCS-HD18G10K9= |1.8TB 12G-SAS 10K RPM SFF HDD (4K format, SED),FIPS 140-2 Spare Part
UCSB-NVME2H-I3200= | Cisco 2.5" U.2 3.2TB Intel P4610 NVMe High Perf. High Endurance Spare Part
UCSB-NVME2H-I1600= |Cisco 2.5" U.2 1.6TB Intel P4610 NVMe High Perf. High Endurance Spare Part
UCSB-NVMEHW-I8000= |Cisco 2.5" U.2 8TB Intel P4510 NVMe High Perf. Value Endurance Spare Part
UCS-SD16TBKBNK9= |1.6TB 2.5" Enterprise performance 12GSAS SSD(3 DWPD,SED-FIPS) Spare Part
UCS-SD38TBKBNK9= |3.8TB 2.5" Enterprise value 12G SAS SSD (1 DWPD, SED-FIPS) Spare Part
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