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Cisco Components

Cisco Components
Refurbished Cisco Componets for every type of system configuration. If you're not sure about what Refurbished Cisco Component you need. Please contact our IT support to guide, quote, and insure the correct cisco hardware for you system.
Cisco Components
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CAB-C13-C14-IN= | Jumper,C13-C14 Connectors,1.4 Meter Length, India Power Cable Spare Part
CAB-C13-C14-3M-IN= | Jumper, C13-C14 Connectors, 3 Meter Length, India Power Cable Spare Part
CAB-C13-CBN= | CABASY,WIRE,JUMPER CORD, 27" L, C13/C14, 10A/250V Power Cable Spare Part
CAB-C13-C14-AC= | CORD,PWR,JMP,IEC60320/C14,IEC6 0320/C13, 3.0M Power Cable Spare Part
CAB-C13-C14-2M= | CABASY,WIRE,JUMPER CORD, PWR, 2 Meter, C13/C14,10A/250V Power Cable Spare Part
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