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Express Computer Systems is your leading IT provider of used / refurbished Servers and hardware. We carry a large selection of Netapp, HPE, Dell, and Cisco refurbished inventory. Every used rack server purchased through Express Computer Systems is extensively tested before shipping to ensure our products meet our customers' demands.
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SRKH8  | Intel Xeon Platinum 8368, 2.4GHz, 38 Core, 57MB, 270W DDR4-3200 CPU
SRKHC  | Intel Xeon Platinum 8370C, 2.8GHz, 32 Core, 48MB, 270W DDR4-3200 CPU
SRKHD  | Intel Xeon Platinum 8374C, 2.7GHz, 36 Core, 54MB, 270W DDR4-3200 CPU
SRKHJ  | Intel Xeon Platinum 8369B, 2.9GHz, 32 Core, 48MB, 270W DDR4-3200 CPU
SRKHR  | Intel Xeon Platinum 8380, 2.3GHz, 40 Core, 60MB, 270W DDR4-3200 CPU
SRKHX  | Intel Xeon Platinum 8368Q, 2.6GHz, 38 Core, 57MB, 270W DDR4-3200 CPU
SRKYJ | Intel Xeon Platinum 8341C, 3.0GHz, 24 Core, 36MB, 270W DDR4-3200 CPU