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Express Computer Systems is your leading IT provider of used/refurbished Servers and hardware. We carry a large selection of Netapp, HPE, Dell, and Cisco refurbished inventory. Every used rack server purchased through Express Computer Systems is extensively tested before shipping to ensure our products meet our customers' demands.

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Dell Mellanox 200Gbe 1P QSFP NIC Adapter | K84XJ
Dell Mellanox 200Gbe 1P QSFP56 NIC Adapter | 1GK7G
HPE InfiniBand HDDR/Ethernet 200Gb 1-port 940QSFP56 Adapter | P06154-B21
HPE InfiniBand HDDR/Ethernet 200Gb 1P QSFP56 MCX653105A-HDDAT Adapter | P23664-B21
HPE InfiniBand HDR/Ethernet 200Gb 1-port QSFP56 PCIe4 x16 OCP3 MCX653435A-HDAI Adapter | P31323-B21
HPE InfiniBand HDR/Ethernet 200Gb 2-port QSFP56 PCIe4 x16 MCX653106A-HDAT Adapter | P31324-B21
HPE InfiniBand HDR/Ethernet 200Gb 2-port QSFP56 PCIe4 x16 OCP3 MCX653436A-HDAI Adapter | P31348-B21
HPE Mellanox MCX623105AS-VDAT Ethernet 200Gb 1-port QSFP56 Adapter | P10180-B21
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