Sun SPARC Enterprise 450

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Sun SPARC Enterprise 450

Sun SPARC Enterprise 450 Overview



From one to four processor modules
250-, 300-, 400- or 480-MHz UltraSPARC[tm]-II modules with onboard E-cache
Cache memory
16-KB I-cache, 16-KB D-cache per processor
1-MB external cache per processor with 250-MHz CPU
2-MB external cache per processor with 300-MHz CPU
4-MB external cache per processor with 400-MHz CPU
Two independent, buffered 144-bit UPA buses; 128 bits data, 16 bits ECC; two processors per bus
UPA operates at 100-MHz with 300-MHz or 400-MHz processors

Main Memory

16 DIMM module slots; four banks of four slots
Accepts 32-, 64-, 128-MB or 256-MB DIMMs
128 MB to 4 GB total memory capacity
Memory type
144-pin 5V 60-ns memory modules
576 bits wide; 512 bits data, 64 bits ECC
Up to 1.78-GB/sec throughput

Standard Interfaces

One ethernet/fast ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-T) twisted-pair standard connector (RJ-45) or one MII for external transceiver connection, autoselect port
Keyboard and mouse
One standard keyboard/mouse port (mini DIN-8)
One Centronics compatible, bidirectional, EPP port (DB25)
Ten slots compliant with PCI specification version 2.1:
Three slot operating at 33- or 66-MHz, 32- or 64-bit data bus width, 3.3 volt
Four slots operating at 33-MHz, 32- or 64-bit data bus width, 5 volt
Three slots operating at 33-MHz, 32-bit data bus width, 3.3 volt
One 20MB/sec, 68-pin, Fast/Wide SCSI-2 One, three, or five 40-MB/sec, UltraSCSI-3 buses for internal disks
Two RS-232D/RS423 serial ports (DB25 , requires a Y-type splitter cable)

Internal Mass Storage

Up to twenty 4.2-GB, 9.1-GB, 18.2-GB, or 36.4-GB (3.5- x 1-in.) hot-swap UltraSCSI-3 drives
Disk bays: Four, twelve, or twenty hot-swap disk bays
Disk controllers: One, three, or five 40-MB/sec UltraSCSI-3 channels; maximum four drives per channel
SunCD[tm] 12x or 32x 644-MB SCSI CD-ROM (standard)
1.44-MB 3.5-in. floppy drive (standard)
One bay available for optional 5.25- x 1.6-in. SCSI tape drive; 8-mm or 4-mm DDS-3, or SLR

Power Supplies

One, two, or three modular, N+1 redundant, hot swap, universal input (two supplies standard)
1210W maximum, 605W maximum each supply 1120W maximum, 560W maximum each supply (before October 1997)
Power bus
Common, load-sharing


AC Input
100 - 240 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz, 13.8 A(max)
Input Power
1664 W
Heat Output
5680 BTU/hr
Operating: 5° C to 35° C (41° F to 95° F)
Nonoperating: -20° C to 60° C (-4° F to 140° F)
Operating: 20% to 80% relative humidity, noncondensing
Nonoperating: 5% to 93% relative humidity, noncondensing
Operating: 3000 m (10,000 ft.)
Nonoperating: 12,000 m (40,000 ft.)
Acoustic noise
Operating: 6.9 bels
Idling: 6.3 bels
Operating: 0.2G peak, 5 - 500 Hz, 3 perpendicular axes
Nonoperating: 1G peak, 5 - 500 Hz, 3 perpendicular axes
Operating: 4G peak, 11 milliseconds half-sine pulse
Nonoperating: 30G peak, 11 milliseconds half-sine pulse
Number of cords
*The front and rear doors of the cabinet must be 63% open for adequate airflow.


Meets or exceeds the following requirements:
UL 1950 and CB-scheme EN60950 with Nordic Deviations, CUL C22.2 No. 950, TUV EN60950
FCC Class B, Industry Canada Class B, EN55022/CISPR22 Class B, VCCI Class B
EN50082-1/IEC1000-4-2, IEC1000-4-3, IEC1000-4-4, IEC1000-4-5
DHHS 21 Subchapter J, PTB German X-ray Decree

Dimensions and Weights

58.1 cm (22.87 in.)
44.8 cm (17.64 in.)
69.6 cm (27.40 in.)
94.0 kg (205 lb.)
Power Cord
2.5 m (8.2 ft.)

Clearance and Service Access

36 in. (91.44 cm.)
36 in. (91.44 cm.)
36 in. (91.44 cm.)
36 in. (91.44 cm.)
36 in. (91.44 cm.)
*These specifications refer to a sytem that is fully extended from the rack for service. When in normal operation, there are no side clearance requirements for the server as the air flow is from the front to rear. However, make sure that any front or back cabinet doors are 63% open to allow adequate airflow. This can be accomplished by removing the doors, or ensuring that the doors have a perforated pattern that provides a 63% open area.

Rack Mounting

The Sun Enterprise 450 can be mounted in a standard 19-in. rack. The optional rackmounting kit consists of a depth-adjustable, slide-mounted shelf and retaining bracket.


Express Computer Systems state-of-the-art engineering lab and certified technicians will make sure that your Sun SPARC Enterprise 450 is tested rigorously and in perfect working condition. To back it up, we carry a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our used and refurbished gear, in addition to one of the industries best warranties.

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