Sun 3900 Series Storage

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Sun 3900 Series Storage

Sun 3900 Series Storage Overview



36.4 GB
Seagate ST136403FC, 36.4GB - 10000 RPM, FC-AL
Seagate ST336704FC, 36.4GB - 10000 RPM, FC-AL
Seagate ST336605FC, 36.4GB - 10000 RPM, FC-AL
Seagate ST336607FC, 36.4GB - 10000 RPM, FC-AL
Fujitsu MAN3367FC, 36.4GB - 10000 RPM, FC-AL
IBM DDYF-T36950, 36.4GB - 10000 RPM, FC-AL
Seagate ST336752FC, 36.4GB - 15000 RPM, FC-AL
Seagate ST336753FC, 36.4GB - 15000 RPM, FC-AL
Fujitsu MAS3367FC, 36.4GB - 15000 RPM, FC-AL
73.4 GB
Seagate ST173404FC, 73.4GB - 10000 RPM, FC-AL
Seagate ST373405FC, 73.4GB - 10000 RPM, FC-AL
Seagate ST373307FC, 73.4GB - 10000 RPM, FC-AL
Fujitsu MAN3735FC, 73.4GB - 10000 RPM, FC-AL
Fujitsu MAP3735FC, 73.4GB - 10000 RPM, FC-AL
Hitachi DK32EJ-72FC, 73.4GB - 10000 RPM, FC-AL
181 GB
Seagate ST1181677FCV, 181.5GB - 7200 RPM, FC-AL


655 GB to 29 TB


500MHz, 64-bit UltraSPARC IIe


Minimum 512MB, expandable to 1GB


AC Power
200 - 240 VAC @ 47 to 53 Hz Single phase
Heat Output
3910: ~14000 BTU
3960: ~26000 BTU*
6910: ~14000 BTU
6960: ~26000 BTU*
Operating: 5° C to 35° C (41° F to 95° F)
Nonoperating: -20° C to 60° C (-4° F to 140° F)
Operating: 20% to 80% relative humidity, noncondensing s7° C (80.6° F) maximum wet bulb
Nonoperating: 5% to 93% relative humidity, noncondensing
Operating: -305 to 3048 meters (-1000 to 10000 feet)
Nonoperating: -305 to 12192 meters (-1000 to 40000 feet)
Operating: 4.0g for maximum duration of 11ms (half-sinewave)
Nonoperating: 10.0g for maximum duration of 11ms (half- sinewave)
Operating: 5 to 500 Hz @ 0.25g sinusoidal
Nonoperating: 5 to 500 Hz @ 1.0g sinusoidal
*3960 and 6960 values include the Sun StorEdge Expansion Cabinet.

Dimensions and Weights

190.5 cm (75 in.)
3910: 60.7 cm (23.9 in.)
3960: 122 cm (47.8 in.)
6910: 60.7 cm (23.9 in.)
6960: 122 cm (47.8 in.)
94 cm (37 in.)
3910: 665 kg (1466 lbs.)
3960: 1295 kg (2855 lbs.)**
6910: 549 kg (1210 lbs.)
6960: 1314 kg (2896 lbs.)**
Power Cord
4.6 m (15 ft.)
*Values given are for the maximum hardware configuration available.
**3960 and 6960 values include the Sun StorEdge Expansion Cabinet.


Meets or exceeds the following requirements:
IEC 60950, EN 60950, UL 60950, UL 1950, FCC Part 15 (47CRF15B), CISPR 22 (EN55022 - RF Radiated and Conducted Emissions), IEC 61000-3-2, IEC 61000-3-3
CISPR 24 (EN55024), IEC 61000-4-2, IEC 61000-4-3, IEC 61000-4- 4, IEC 61000-4-5, IEC 61000-4-6, IEC 61000-4-8, IEC 61000-4- 11

Clearance and Service Access

With Service Access: 122 cm (48 in.)
Without Service Access: 61cm (24 in.)
With Service Access: 92 cm (36 in.)
Without Service Access: 61 cm (24 in.)
With Service Access: 92 cm (36 in.)
Without Service Access: 5 cm (2 in.)**
With Service Access: 92 cm (36 in.)
Without Service Access: 0
* Side access may be required for some service procedures. Refer to the documentation that came with the devices.
** Sun StorEdge A5x00 disk array, Sun Enterprise 4x00 servers, and some other devices require a clearance of at least two inches for airflow. Unless otherwise stated in the documentation that shipped with your device, no clearance access is required.


Express Computer Systems state-of-the-art engineering lab and certified technicians will make sure that your Sun 3900 Series Storage is tested rigorously and in perfect working condition. To back it up, we carry a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our used and refurbished gear, in addition to one of the industries best warranties.

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