IBM pSeries p660-H1 Server

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IBM pSeries p660-H1 Server

IBM pSeries p660-H1 Server Overview


The 7026-6H1 is packaged as a 7014 rack-mounted Central Electronics Complex (CEC) drawer, cable attached to another rack-mounted drawer containing the 2 media bays, 14 hot-plug I/O slots, and optional boot bays. Both drawers have redundant power options and redundant cooling. The incorporation of hot-plug PCI I/O slots brings new and increased levels of availability for this system. The CEC drawer incorporates the system processors, memory, and supporting systems logic.

Beyond the boot disk option, system storage is provided via remotely attached SCSI, SSA, or Fibre Channel storage subsystems.

The 7026-6H1 can be configured with up to two I/O drawers per server, providing 28 available hot-plug PCI slots and three available media bays.

System memory is expandable from 256MB to 32GB. Memory is configured via two 16 slot DIMM carrier cards. Memory is installed in Quads on the carrier cards. The 1-way processor card also has slots for four DIMMs, which can be installed in pairs. Memory may be installed on the 1-way processor card or on a single 16-position memory board but not both.

The CEC Drawer utilizes 5U (EIA Units) rack space

The I/O drawers utilize 5U rack space.

The first media bay in the primary I/O drawer is reserved for the required CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. The second media bay may be utilized for any additional supported internal media device.

Support for SCSI, SSA, and Fibre Channel attached storage systems Support for 32-bit and 64-bit applications AIX Version 4.3.3 or 5.1 license included

External disk storage is required for the Model 6H1 as data storage internal to the drawers is not provided; however, optional boot bays are available in the primary I/O drawer. The internal boot disk option requires the space of two PCI slots (slots 13 & 14).

The 7026-6H1 includes a CPU de-allocation function enables the system to take a failing processor off line without re-booting the system. The service processor can record this action and notify the systems administrator or service personnel of the condition. Computing operation continues with the processor deactivated, allowing repair to be scheduled at a time convenient.

System power supplies available in AC or DC and designed to support up to 6-way SMP systems with 16 GB of memory. An optional modular AC power supply can be added to provide redundant power for AC systems. Redundant power is standard on systems with DC power.

Independent PCI buses for each of the 14 PCI slots in the I/O drawer provides up to 1GBps aggregate bandwidth per drawer, depending on system configuration. The Model 6H1's independent PCI busses are designed to enhance reliability by isolating adapters from other adapters within the drawer.

IBM anticipates that there will be 64-bit Linux distributions available in the second half of 2001 for the IBM e(logo)server pSeries 660 Model 6H1.



1, 2, 4, 6-Way 450 MHz, 750 MHz
RS64 III or RS64 IV
Data Cache
128 KB
Instruction Cache
128 KB
L2 Cache
2 MB - 8 MB / processor
Bus Type
Bus Slots
Main Memory
256 MB - 32 GB ECC SDRAM
Memory Slots
2 x 16-slot cards
Memory Configuration
Media Bays
Maximum Internal Disk
36.4 GB
Integrated SCSI
FireWire & Ultra2 LVD (VHDCI)
Integrated Ethernet
32x CD Drive, 1.44 MB Floppy Drive

Primary I/O Drawer Features

2 Media Bays
10x 64 Bit PCI Bus Slots
4x 32 Bit 5V PCI Bus Slots
Two integrated SCSI controllers (F/W and Ultra2)
Integrated Ethernet 10/100 controller
Four serial ports
One parallel port
Keyboard and mouse ports

The 7026-6H1 primary I/O drawer includes

System support (service) processor
Fourteen PCI slots
Two media bays
One 1.44 MB diskette drive (mounted behind a removable cover)
Four serial ports
One parallel port
One Integrated 10/100 Ethernet port
One keyboard port
One mouse port
One Integrated SCSI-2 F/W port for internal drawer components - media/optional IPL disks
One Integrated Ultra2 SCSI port for external attachment use

Physical Specifications

445 mm (17.5 in)
820 mm (32.3 in)
218 mm (8.6 in) -- 5 EIA units
41 kg (90 lb) (minimum configuration) 52 kg (115 lb) (maximum configuration)

I/O Drawer Physical Specifications

445 mm (17.5 in)
820 mm (32.3 in)
218 mm (8.6 in)
41 kg (90 lb) (minimum configuration) 52 kg (115 lb) (maximum configuration)


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