IBM pSeries p630-6C4 Server

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IBM pSeries p630-6C4 Server

IBM pSeries p630-6C4 Server Overview

Up to four POWER4+ microprocessors with L3 cache
*Provide improved system performance and higher reliability for commercial applications in a smaller, more efficient package ("SMP-on-a-chip")
*Enables flexible growth in computing power
Copper and SOI technology
*Improve processor performance and reliability while using less power and producing less heat to help conserve energy
High memory and I/O bandwidth
*Remove performance bottlenecks that can occur when fast processors must wait for data to be moved through the system—particularly important for HPC applications
Space-saving deskside or rack-mount
*Allows greater flexibility in deployment in high-density environments
*Fits beside and under desks saving valuable floor space (deskside)
Up to 32GB memory
*Allows exploitation of 64-bit addressing for departmental database or HPC applications
*Provides growth options for much greater throughput
Chipkill™ ECC, bit-steering memory
*Significantly helps to lower number of memory failures that cause system outages, thus increasing system availability
*Provides memory spares to be activated when multiple memory errors are encountered
Processor card packaging
*Protects components against accidental disconnection and/or contamination
*Allows for easier servicing
Front-mounted serial port
*Offers convenient connection of handheld devices for easy systems management
Wireless systems management
*Allows remote personnel to perform system maintenance and monitor performance
*Enables server farms to be managed more easily
*Permits multiple applications to be consolidated on a single server, reducing the number of systems to manage and maintain
*Offers greater flexibility in using available capacity and dynamically matching resources to changing business needs (requires AIX 5L v5.2)
Six hot-plug PCI-X adapter slots
*Provide growth options for increased capacity
*Support many commonly used adapters for increased availability at lower cost
*Allow adapters to be added or removed without interrupting the system
Hot-swappable disk bays
*Provide greater system availability and smooth growth by allowing swapping or adding disk drives without powering down the system
Built-in service processor
*Continuously monitors system operations and takes preventive or corrective actions for quick problem resolution and high system availability
*Allows diagnostics and maintenance to be performed remotely
Redundant hot-plug power and cooling subsystems
*Enhance system availability since cooling fans and power supplies can be changed without interrupting operations
*Provide backup power and cooling if primary unit fails
NEBS Level 3 compliance (Model 6C4)
*Offers rugged packaging and optional DC power required for telecommunications central office operations and other harsh computing environments
Dynamic processor and PCI-X bus slot deallocation
*Designed to automatically deallocate resources when impending failure is detected so applications can continue to run uninterrupted
IBM eServer Cluster 1600
*Provides centralized management of multiple interconnected systems
*Provides ability to handle unexpected workload peaks by sharing resources
*Allows for more granular growth so user demands can be readily satisfied

Minimum configuration

Processor (5U) rack drawer

One-way 1.20GHz or 1.45GHz POWER4+
Level 3 (L3) cache
RAM (memory)
1GB (ECC, Chipkill)
Internal disk drive
One 36.4GB Ultra3 SCSI
Internal disk bays
Four hot-swappable (36.4GB, 73.4GB and 146.8GB disk drives available; up to 587.2GB)
Media bays
Expansion slots
Six PCI-X; 64-bit, 133MHz, 3.3 volt
Bus width
32- and 64-bit

Standard features

I/O adapters
Two 10/100 Mbps Ethernet controllers
Two integrated Ultra3 SCSI controllers
Integrated SCSI SE Controller
One parallel and three serial ports

System expansion

SMP configuration
Two- or four-way 1.20GHz or 1.45GHz POWER4+—one or two processor cards
L3 cache
16MB (ECC)—8MB per processor card
Up to 32GB (ECC, Chipkill)—16GB per processor card
PCI-X expansion slots (Model 6C4 only)
Seven additional 64-bit adapters per 7311-D20 I/O Drawer (two maximum)
Disk bays expansion (Model 6C4 only)
12 front accessible per 7311-D20 I/O Drawer (two maximum): up to 3.5TB of additional disk storage

RAS features

Copper, SOI microprocessors
Chipkill ECC, bit-steering memory
ECC L2 cache, L3 cache
Service processor
First Failure Data Capture
Hot-swappable disk bays
Hot-plug PCI-X slots, AC and DC power supplies and cooling fans
Dynamic Processor Deallocation
Dynamic deallocation of logical partitions and PCI-X bus slots
Redundant cooling fans
Redundant AC and DC power supplies
NEBS Level 3 compliance (Model 6C4)

Power requirements

100v to 127v or 200v to 240v AC / -48v DC (Model 6C4)

System dimensions

6.8" H x 17.5" W x 24" D (172.8 mm x 444.4 mm x 609.6 mm)—standard 4U rack-mount
20.9" H x 11.8" W x 28.5" D (530 mm x 300.0 mm x 725.0 mm)—deskside
Weight: 79.2 lb (36.0 kg)—deskside; 70.4 lb (32.0 kg)**—rack-mount


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