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HPE ProLiant DL80 Gen9 CTO Rack Server

CTO Servers
ECS Refurbished & Tested

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Server Chassis

One system board for all Processors (847393-001)
NHPE server chassis includes SATA cables required to connect drives to embedded B140i SATA controller.

Intel Processors

Mixing different processor models is not supported.
The correct amount of fans will be installed for the amount of Processors you choose.
If you desire a redundant fan condifuration, please select the kit in the cooling section below.

Intel Xeon E5-2600v3

Supports (2) Processors
Each Processor comes with 2 Fans.

Intel Xeon E5-2600v4

Supports (2) Processors
Each Processor comes with 2 Fans.

Bezel (Optional)

Quick Release Ear FIO kit (P/N: 778109-B21) is required for installing security bezel.
Quick Release Ears are mandatory for the 12LFF model

Blanks (Optional)

Cable Kit (Optional)

Memory E5-2600v3 2133MHz (Optional)

Supports up to (4) DIMMs Per Processor
Memory types within the server cannot be mixed.

Memory E5-2600v4 2400MHz (Optional)

Supports up to (4) DIMMs Per Processor
Memory types within the server cannot be mixed.

Drive Options (Optional)

For the NHP Chassis only, Adds another 4 NHP LFF drives.

Non-Hot-Plug LFF HDD (Optional)

Supports up to (8) NHP LFF Drives with Enablement Kit

HPE LFF Drives SAS (3.5in) (Optional)

Supports up to (8) or (12) Drives depending on chassis selection

HPE LFF Drives SATA (3.5in) (Optional)

Supports up to (8) or (12) Drives depending on chassis selection

Cooling Fans (Optional)

This kit comes with 2 fans.
Each Riser comes with a Fan and each Processor comes with 2 Fans. Before you select this kit, see how many fans you need.
Max 5 for 1 Socket and 6 for a 2 Socket configuration.

PCI Riser Options (Optional)

All the riser option kits ship with necessary fan option kits.
Please read the PCI Riser section in the product description or the tech manual for more details.

M.2 (Optional)

NOTE: M.2 drives go in PCIe slot and use B140i SATA controller only.

Networking Adapters (Optional)

Network Adapters, FlexibleLOM, CNA, InfiniBand
The HPE Embedded Dual Port 361i Adapter Network Interface Comes Standard
FlexibleLOM riser kit (P/N: 765514-B21) is required when any FlexibleLOM is selected.
Please read the PCI Riser section in the product description for more details.

Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) (Optional)

H240 Provides support for up to 8 SAS/SATA drives, data transmission speeds up to 12Gb/s and supports RAID 0, 1 & 5 on DL80 Gen9.
Please read the PCI Riser section in the product description for more details

Storage Controller (Optional)

Comes with the Standard HPE Dynamic Smart Array B140i Controller
B140i provides support for up to 4 SATA drives, data transmission speeds up to 6Gb/s and supports RAID 0, 1 & 5
All Performance Controllers require the Smart Storage Battery.

GPU (Optional)

When installing a GPU you need the GPU Enablement Kit (765518-B21)
Includes 1 FHFL slot, one fan and power cable required to enable GPU support.

Optical Drives (Optional)

USBs (Optional)

Server Management iLO (Optional)

iLO Management (standard)
Intelligent Provisioning (standard)
If you want to use TPM 1.2 you must have Legacy Mode UEFI FIO Setting (758959-B22)
HP AHCI-Enable FIO Setting 801845-B21 NOTE: This needs to be selected when Advanced Host Controller Interface mode is required on B140i controller.

Rail Kit (Optional)

Trust Platform Module (TPM) (Optional)

NOTE: UEFI FIO Setting (758959-B22) can be selected to configure the system in Legacy mode
Do not use the B140i controller when the server is in Legacy BIOS Boot Mode.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

Mixing of power supplies is not supported
The RPS backplane is mandatorily needed with 900W RPS input module.
The Kit at the bottom has 2 PSU, the Cage and the Backplane.

ECS Warranty

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Refurbished HPE DL80 Gen9 Configure to Order Rack Server

The refurbished HPE ProLiant DL80 Gen9 Server is designed with affordable storage, networking and processor scalability, and manageability in a 2U server for cost conscious service provider and SMBs. Apart from basic IT infrastructure workloads this server is ideal for running storage capacity intensive applications like cold storage, back-up due to compelling cost/GB that it offers.

What's New DL80 Gen9

  • HPE Smart
  • HPE Smart Memory 2400 MHz memory
  • Intel Xeon E5-2600v4 processor support
  • HPE Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0
  • New 900 W ac/ 240 V dc power supply
  • New SATA Hot Plug Standard drives

Affordable Storage and IO Expandability for Service Providers and SMBs

The HPE ProLiant DL80 Gen9 Server provides ample storage capacity with up to (12) Large Form Factor (LFF) HPE SmartDrives, delivering optimal performance, capacity, and reliability to meet various customer segments and workload requirements at the right economics.

Up to (6) PCIe 3.0 riser slots to support one single-wide GPU or networking cards offering increased IO bandwidth and seamless expandability.

Comes standard with 2x1GbE and choice of HPE FlexibleLOM to provide you flexibility of networking bandwidth and fabric so you can adapt to changing business needs.

With support for Large Form Factor (LFF) hard disk drives (HDDs) with up to 10 TB capacity DL80 Gen9 offers maximum storage of up to 120 TB SAS/SATA.

Know your Server - CTO Configuration Support

Need help with the configuration? Contact us today!

Base Knowledge

The DL80 Gen9 can be configured with 1 or 2 processors. The system board (847393-001) can handle both Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 and v4 processors. The fan setup is different for each configuration with the option of the redundant fan kit as well. On the 1 Socket configuration, you have 2 non-redundant fans, or you can have 4 redundant fans. The 2-Socket fan configuration has 4 non-redundant fans but supports 6 redundant fans. When installing the second processor for a 2-socket configuration. The 2 additional fans will be included when the second processor is selected. If you want the redundant fans set up, you’ll need the redundant fans kit (765516-B21). The fan kit includes two fans and is required to move from non-redundant to redundant fan configurations. Since each riser includes a fan as well, please refer to user-guide for exact fan requirements to enable fan redundancy.

A major change in the DL80 Gen9 rack server is the ability for the processor to be upgraded from E5-2600v3 to E5-2600v4. Up to 2 processors are supported and mixing different processor models is not supported.

To Hot-Swap or not!

The system can support up to 8 LFF Non-Hot-Plug Drives with the selection of the HP DL80 Gen9 8LFF Non-hot Plug Enablement Kit (788355-B21). If you don’t fill all the drives in the desired chassis, please fill the empty slots with the HPE Large Form Factor Hard Drive Blank Kit (666986-B21) for better airflow.

Maximum Internal Storage

  • Hot Plug LFF SAS 0TB 12 x 8TB
  • Hot Plug LFF SATA 0TB 12 x 8TB
  • Hot Plug LFF SATA SSD 08TB 12 x 3.84TB
  • Non-Hot-Plug LFF SATA 32TB 8 x 4TB

The default embedded B140i controller will operate in UEFI-only mode. For legacy support, an additional controller will be needed, and select the Legacy mode settings (758959-B22).

The DL80 supports the performance Smart Arrays P440 and P840. When installing these two Performance Smart Arrays, you will need the right cabling (779619-B21) and an HPE Smart Storage Battery (727258-B21) with a retainer clip (790501-001). Both controllers use the same cable (779619-B21), the difference is the number of Ports. The P440 has 1 port, with support for 8 SAS/SATA drives, and only needs 1 cable (779619-B21), while the P840 has two ports, with support for 16 SAS/SATA drives, and needs two cables (779619-B21).

There is also support for the Host Bust Adapter H240 which has 2 internal ports supporting 8 SAS connectors. This Smart HBA will need 2 of the Smart HBA H240 SAS Cable Kits (779622-B21) if selected.

The HPE Embedded Dual Port 361i Network Adapter comes standard on the system board. It has 2 RJ45 connectors and is powered by the Intel I350 Powerville controller.

PCI Risers

Need a PCI-e Slot? This server has plenty of them, but you need to select the correct riser for more advanced cards to be supported. Although the DL80 has up to 7 PCI-e slots, two of them are dedicated as Primary and Secondary. Both the Primary and Secondary Slots can support either a Riser Card or a Stand-up Card. In the Primary slot, you have the option of two risers to install. The GPU Riser (765518-B21) or the FL/FH Two-slot PCI Riser assembly (765515-B21). There is only one riser to install in the Secondary PCI slot, the HP DL80 Gen9 FlexibleLOM Riser Kit (765514-B21). The FlexibleLOM Riser has 2xPCI-e 3.0x8 slots. Slot 4 is a Low Profile and slot 5 is a FlexibleLOM Slot.

NOTE: To take advantage of the additional Secondary PCI slot, a second processor must be installed. All the riser option kits ship with necessary fan option kits. Please read the Tech Manual below for more details.

To install the GPU cards, you must install the GPU Riser (765518-B21) that is installed in the Primary PCI slot. The riser includes 1 FHFL slot, one fan, and the power cable required to enableGPUsupport. This system supports up to 1 GPU.

The M.2 PCI-e Card is an x8 PCI bus size and can be installed as a stand-up card or on a riser card. The M.2 Cards need the SSD SATA Cables for each M.2 SSD installed.

Let’s talk power!
The HPE 550W FIO Power Supply (730941-B21) offers Silver-certified 80 Plus power efficiency (up to 89%) with an optimized set of features for non-redundant power configurations. The HPE 900W AC 240VDC Power Input Module (775595-B21) with Power Backplane (814835-B21) can be configured to support power redundancy in ProLiant servers that offer only a single power supply bay, providing additional protection against power loss. To Make life easy, there is a kit that has (2) 900W PSU and the RPS power backplane (820792-B21).

Mixing of power supplies in the same server is not supported. All power supplies must be of the same input voltage, output rating, and efficiency rating.

Other Information
If you want the HPE 2U Security Bezel (666988-B21
) installed, then you will also need to install the Quick Release Ear FIO kit (P/N: 778109-B21). Also, the Quick Release Ears are mandatory for the 12LFF model. The alternative to the Quick Release ear kit is the Thumbscrew Ear Kit (787211-B21).

Lights Out! iLO
HPE Integrated Lights-Out (HPE iLO) - Monitor your servers for ongoing management, service alerting, reporting, and remote management with HPE iLO.
UEFI - Configure and boot your servers securely with industry-standard Unified Extensible

Firmware Interface (UEFI).
RESTful API - RESTful API for iLO 4 is Redfish 1.0 conformance for simplified server management such as configuration and maintenance tasks based on modern industry standards.
Intelligent Provisioning – Hassle-free server and OS provisioning for 1 or few servers with Intelligent Provisioning.
EmbeddedRemote Support - The Hewlett Packard Enterpriseembedded remote support when used with Insight Online direct connect or HPE Insight Remote Support, allows HPE ProLiant servers to transmit hardware events directly to Hewlett Packard Enterprise or a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Authorized Partner for automated phone home support.

Product Information for HPE HPE-DL80G9-CTO

More Specs

Technical specifications HPE ProLiant DL80 Gen9 Server
Compute Up to two Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 Series; 4/6/8/10/12 cores PCIe 3.0; up to six available slots
Memory HP SmartMemory (8) DDR4; up to 2,133 MHz (256 GB max)
Storage HP Dynamic Smart Array B140i, optional HP Smart Array Controllers, and HP Smart host bus adapters (HBAs) via PCIe stand-up cards
HPE SmartDrives 12 LFF max, HDD/SSD, M.2 enabled
Networking 2 x 1GbE embedded Ethernet adapter with optional FlexibleLOM slot on riser
VGA/serial/USB ports/SD One rear VGA or serial, three USB 3.0, one USB 2.0, one microSD, Dual microSD optional
System ROM UEFI and Legacy BIOS
Converged management HP OneView with HP iLO Advanced
Support management HP Insight Online with enhanced mobile application
Embedded management HP iLO 4, HP Intelligent Provisioning, HP System Update Manager (SUM), HP RESTful Interface Tool, and HP Scripting Tools for Microsoft ® Windows Server ® PowerShell
Power and cooling Up to 92 percent efficient (Gold), 550 W multi-output, 800 W RPS/900 W non-RPS
Industry compliance ASHRAE A3, 2 lower idle power
Form factor/chassis depth Rack (2U) 23.9" (LFF)
Serviceability–Easy Install rails Standard

Spec Sheet

Technical Guide

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