Cisco ESR10008-CHASSIS Router

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Cisco ESR10008-CHASSIS Router

Cisco ESR10008-CHASSIS Router Overview

Key Features

The Cisco 10000 Series offers the following features:

• High-performance IP services:

– The Cisco 10000 Series helps service providers deploy revenue-generating services with consistent platform performance.

– The Cisco 10000 Series is the ideal broadband aggregation edge router for Ethernet and ATM architectures.

– The Cisco 10000 Series supports Parallel Express Forwarding (PXF), patented by Cisco. PXF offers customers the ability to turn on multiple IP services while maintaining line-rate performance. PXF is software-based; customers can add new service functions without swapping out hardware. The next-generation Cisco 10000 Series Performance Routing Engine 3 (PRE-3) provides industry-leading, per-subscriber hierarchical quality of service (H-QoS) for granular bandwidth management that improves the user experience for data, voice, or video.

– The Cisco 10000 Series supports many critical edge services and provides industry-leading feature richness with Cisco IOS Software, including H-QoS, MPLS, Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol (MLPPP), Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP), and Cisco Intelligent Services Gateway (ISG). Ethernet and ATM aggregation solutions are supported for TR-101 and TR-59 broadband architectures, making the Cisco 10000 Series Router an ideal transition platform to entertainment-grade networking.

• Carrier-class high availability:

– With its carrier-class high availability, the Cisco 10000 Series minimizes costly network outages and maximizes customer satisfaction.

– The Cisco 10000 Series is designed for nonstop performance. Features include: full hardware redundancy, online insertion and removal (OIR), Cisco Route Processor Redundancy Plus (RPR+), Cisco Stateful Switchover (SSO), Cisco Nonstop Forwarding (NSF), Nonstop Routing (NSR), In Service Software Upgrade (ISSU), and Automatic Protection Switching (APS). Support for MPLS high availability and broadband high availability makes the Cisco 10000 Series a premier carrier-class platform.

• Maximum scalability:

– With an 8-slot chassis that can hold as many as 16 line cards, the Cisco 10000 Series allows service providers to take full advantage of their current investments by enabling network growth while minimizing network complexity.

• Maximum flexibility:

– The Cisco 10000 Series supports thousands of DS-0, DS-1, and E1 connections in a single system, helping service providers increase their customer base. For broadband applications, the Cisco 10000 Series supports up to 61,500 subscribers in a single system. Because the Cisco 10000 Series supports Frame Relay, ATM, leased-line, and broadband aggregation in a single platform, customers can provision multiple types of services to the end user without having to maintain multiple edge devices.

• IP Next-Generation Network (NGN) subscriber management:

– The Cisco ISG software feature set is a next-generation policy and subscriber management solution that delivers dynamic session awareness. ISG supports IP, Ethernet, ATM, MPLS, and VPN architectures, whether the business model is for retail, wholesale, or business services. ISG helps enable zero-touch provisioning, and provides the per-flow granularity and dynamic control required for triple-play services. It is standards-based for multivendor deployments. With RADIUS Change of Authorization (RFC 3576), subscriber profiles can be changed dynamically based on user self-management (through a Web portal) or through an operations support system (OSS) process. It can act as a policy server imbedded in the network, or interact with centralized policy management systems.

Hardware Specifications

Table 1 provides specifications for the Cisco 10008 Router, an 8-slot chassis designed to meet the needs of large service providers.

Table 1. Cisco 10008 Chassis Specifications


Cisco 10008

Modular slots

• 8 slots for line cards; 16 slots for half-height line cards
• 2 slots for Cisco PRE modules (1 active, 1 redundant)



Backplane capacity

51.2 Gbps

Physical dimensions (H x W x D)

21.75 x 17.5 x 12 in.

(55.2 x 44.5 x 30.5 cm)


130 lb (59.02 kg) fully configured chassis


19 to 23 in. (48.3 to 58.4 cm) (front, middle, or back)


• DC input voltage: -48/-60 VDC
• AC input voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single phase
• Maximum power consumption: 1500 VA for AC PEM, 1280W for DC PEM

High-Availability Design

• Redundant AC or DC supplies

• Redundant cooling

• Redundant point-to-point backplane connections to each chassis (payload) slot

• OIR; full hot-swap for all system elements

• APS for all SONET modules

• Redundant Cisco 10000 Series PREs with advanced failover capabilities

• Error-Correcting Code (ECC) support on all PRE memory

• Engineered for 99.999-percent reliability

Product Regulatory Compliance

Environmental Conditions

• Storage temperature: -38 to 150°F (-40 to 70°C)

• Operating temperature, nominal: 41 to 104°F (5 to 40°C)

• Operating temperature, short term: -23 to 131°F (-5 to 55°C)

• Storage relative humidity: 5 to 95 percent

• Operating humidity, nominal: 5 to 85 percent relative humidity

• Operating humidity, short term: 5 to 90 percent relative humidity

• Operating altitude: 198 to 13,200 feet (60 to 4000 meters); conforms to IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60950 requirements up to 2000 meters

Product Regulatory Approvals

• UL60950/CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950

• EN60950 with Amendments 1-4, for CE marking to the LVD directive

• IEC 60950

• AS/NZS 60950 72/73/EEC

• AS/NZS 3260-1993 with Amendments 1-4

• ACA TS001-1997

• NOM-019-SCFI-1998

Electromagnetic Emissions Certification

• AS/NZ 3548:1995 (including AMD I + II) Class B

• EN55022:1998 Class B

• CISPR 22:1997

• EN55022:1994 (including AMD I + II)

• 47 CFR Part 15:2005 (FCC) Class B

• VCCI V-3/01.4 Class 2

• CNS-13438:1997 Class B

• GR1089


• EN300386:2003: Telecommunications Network Equipment (TNE) EMC requirements; product family standard; high priority of service; central office and non-central office locations

• EN50082-1:1992/1997

• EN50082-2:1995-Generic Immunity Standard, Heavy Industrial

• CISPR24:1997

• EN55024:1998-Generic ITE Immunity Standard

• EN61000-4-2:1995+AMD I + II-ESD, Level 4, 8-kV contact,15-kV air

• EN61000-4-3:2002-Radiated Immunity, 10 V/m

• EN61000-4-4:1995-Electrical Fast Transients, Level 4, 4 kV/B

• EN61000-4-5:1995+AMD 1-DC surge Class 3; AC surge Class 4

• EN61000-4-6:1996+AMD 1-RF Conducted Immunity, 10V rms

• EN61000-4-11:2004-Voltage Dips and Sags

• ETS300 132-2:1996+corregendum, December 1996

• GR1089:1997 (including Revision 1: 1999)

Network Equipment Building Standards

• Telcordia SR-3580 Criteria Levels, Level 3 compliant

• GR1089-Core

• GR63-Core

• SBC equipment requirements: SBC-TP-76200 and TP76400

• Verizon equipment requirements: SIT.NEBS.TE.NPI.2002.010

Product System Requirements and Compatibility

Hardware Requirements

• PREs: The Cisco 10008 chassis supports all PREs available on the Cisco 10000 Series.

• Line cards: The Cisco 10008 chassis supports all line cards available on the Cisco 10000 Series.


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